10 Entertaining Things to Do at a Party Bus

When the word “party bus” enters your mind, you automatically think of striking disco lights and booze. For this reason, most people who are after a wholesome party tends to cross it off their list. However, there are other things you can do to experience a party bus without getting wild. If you are after a recreational and peaceful party where every guest can feel comfortable, Party Bus JC is perfect for you.

Here are some of the things that you can do in a party bus—minus the booze:

1.    Themed party

Themed parties have been around for a long time already. You may think it’s outdated, but a lot of people still love cosplay. If you want to host an exciting and much-awaited party, plan on how you can make your guests a little creative.
You can have your party themed after your favorite books or movies that everyone can relate to. Sports is also a perfect idea if you are more on the athletic side. If none of these suit you, try searching on the internet or ask your friends.

2.    Card games

If you think that a party without any booze can’t be fun, you are gravely mistaken, because a party bus is ideal for card games. With only a limited number of people present, organizing it will be easy. Moreover, there is a variety of card games to choose from, like Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Crazy eights, Go Fish, Slapjack, Codenames, and Ticket to ride.

3.    Interactive Games

If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily when just sitting around, then interactive games are a better option. This will hype the crowd and increase interaction between your guests.
Here are some of the interactive game ideas that you can do:
•    Sticker stalker
•    Likes and dislikes
•    Giants, Wizards, Elves
•    Family Feud
•    Two truths and a lie
•    Bring me
•    Charades
•    Mafia

4.    Movie Night

When hosting parties, it is nice to try considering other ideas for having fun that don’t include games and drinks, like a movie night. Beforehand, ask your guests to tell you their favorite movies and take a vote. You can also try playing a movie that none of your guests have ever watched.

5.    Karaoke challenge

Playing music is fun, but singing along is even better. Compile random songs for your karaoke challenge. At a certain point, cut the song and make the players sing the remaining lyrics without making any mistakes. 

6.    Restaurant-hopping

You already have a moving party venue, so your dream of eating at any restaurant you like is not far-fetched. List your favorite restaurants and tell your driver. However, make sure that you are not going to spend beyond your budget. 

7.    Explore your town

It is nice knowing your hometown by heart. Provide a map of the city and have your guests put a pin on the places they want to go. Make a stop at every location and ask them to tell a story about the place that they chose. It is an excellent opportunity to reminisce while having fun.

8.    Have a dance party

Dance the night away! Make your party fun and turn the music up. Play different genres of iconic music and dare your guests to dance.

9.     Play a Pick-Up Game

If you are a little adventurous and athletic, you can always have a pick-up game. Go to a gym or park and gather people who want to have fun. You can also stop by some sports gym and play with new people.

10.    Hit an open mic

Expect creativity for the night. Hit an open mic and let your guests talk about anything they want. They can tell stories, sing their favorite songs, and recite spoken word. This may be the most fun or the most emotional night you can have. Party Bus JC is not only for drinks, but it is also for artists.
Everyone thinks that party buses are for wild nights and drunken moments, but that’s not true. Depending on your taste and creativity, you can host a fun and wholesome party that everyone will remember. For the best party bus experience, visit Party Bus JC.

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