Renting a Party Bus: The Do’s and Don’ts

Renting a Party Bus: The Do’s and Don’ts

Party buses are gaining popularity all over the world for many reasons. A party bus is the go-to transportation solution for any party that you may organize. When alcohol is present, a party bus improves the safety of the guests and decreases any risk for yourself or your guests; plus, it’s a good time!

Below are some of the do’s and don’ts that you should know for your party bus rental:


Things to do:

1. Follow all the safety rules. You should listen to the instructions of the driver and avoid those behaviors that may damage the vehicle and injure the passengers. 

2. Have two or more responsible chaperones for any party buses that are carrying minors. 

3. Be aware of rogue bus operators. A cut-rate price may indicate cutting corners on other important things, such as safety inspections, liability insurance and the proper licensing of the driver. 

4. Consider renting a party bus from a reputable company. You should check the company’s background if they have the latest permit, insurance, and license. Unfortunately, there are some party bus rental companies that are illegally operating. You should avoid unlicensed operatives. 

5. Advise the party bus rental company in advance if you want alcohol on board. You may need to make a refundable deposit intended for cleaning and necessary repairs. Please ensure your guests bring proper identification to verify they are of legal age to consume alcohol. 

6.  As part of the entertainment, you should enjoy the food and drinks while onboard. Most party buses allow passengers of legal age to consume alcohol on board. Please just use common sense and drink responsibly. 

7. Ask ahead of time if the bus allows coolers inside. If yes, make sure it is not too big to fit under your seat so it will not block the aisles. 

8. Be knowledgeable enough about bus cleanliness. They usually provide trash bags for the passenger’s convenience and should be available during the whole trip. 

Things to Avoid:

1. Don’t hire a party bus without doing any background check. You should take at least five minutes reviewing a party bus’s public record. 

2. No illegal drugs or substances are allowed. 

3. Avoid smoking. Most of the party bus rental companies strictly follow the no-smoking policy. 

4. No deadly weapons are allowed. 

5. Avoid behaviors that will distract the bus driver. 

6. No fighting or any behavior that will lead the driver to terminate the contract with no refund. 

7. Avoid bus surfing like climbing on the roof of the vehicle, breaking an emergency exit window while the bus is in motion or stopped. Avoid putting any part of your body outside the window at any time; this can lead to an accident. 

There you have it – the dos and don’ts for a better and memorable party bus experience. At the end of the day, renting a party bus is a great way to have the best, most enjoyable event for everyone. Visit our friends at: Newark Tow Truck

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