10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Party Bus for your Birthday Celebration

And just like that, your birthday is around the corner and you’ve probably already started considering fun yet unique ways to celebrate it.

While the thought of having a grand celebration at a known hotel venue may seem like the best way there is to celebrate, you may want to consider the high costs associated with renting a venue.  Did you know that you can actually have an equally fun and memorable celebration at a cheaper cost, with a party bus? If you think you are too old to be thrown a sophisticated party, then a birthday celebration in a Newark party bus is what you should consider trying out.

Below are 10 more reasons to convince you:

1- With a professional chauffeur all throughout the trip, anxiety around driving will be removed.

Wherever you want to travel on your birthday across the Newark, New Jersey area, you and your guests will surely be able to enjoy the party and completely focus on fun without having to worry about riding or getting home safely. You need not worry about driving; your party bus company will deploy a seasoned professional driver for the entire trip.

2- It’s easily customizable!

Holding a party in a function hall or any other reception venues is too mainstream; more and more people are celebrating their birthdays in a party bus because of its unique and customizable concept, I.E. the space can comfortably fit all of your friends and it’s a fun way to drive to multiple destinations. In other words, if you are the type of celebrant who wants the venue clean or decadent, with loud or solemn music in the background, the party bus company is ace at achieving that dream. You can even wander through your favorite scenic spots and enjoy the view while chit-chatting with your friends and loved ones without having to worry about your safety.

3- It’s convenient.

If your kind of birthday celebration is having fun with your friends, while indulging with booze at various different bars or clubs, then a celebration in a party bus is a much safer experience than hopping different venues. It’s not only safe but also way more convenient, i.e. you won’t need to wait for a cab or risk any DUI’s or potential accidents. The party bus company will fetch you at your pickup spot and will drive your next destination, giving you the most fun and memorable birthday party you’ll ever have.

4- Safety is guaranteed!

Drink-and-drive is a big no but the idea of joyriding with friends especially with booze never wears out. Thanks to party buses, this kind of dream party can now become a reality in Newark, New Jersey. The party bus company will dispatch one of its well-maintained buses operated by a licensed driver to make sure you’ll have fun and, at the same time, a safe party bus experience.

5- Traveling with loved ones and friends is one great experience. 

Worried that your invited guests will not be able to show up because they might be lost on their way to the destination? One of the best things about hiring our Newark party bus service is how togetherness is encouraged and guaranteed; the driver will not mind picking up your guests up from their respective areas to make sure you get to enjoy a dream party trip with your whole squad around.

6- Your party travels with you…

Celebrating your birthday on a party bus is like the party will travel with you entirely. It starts as soon as you and your guests are picked up by the official chauffeur and ends when the squad is sent to a place you think is safe and secure. And the best thing about it is you can totally have a fun, one of a kind ride with your friends without having to think about the traffic, parking, and navigation. Your chauffeur is seasoned enough to find the least hectic route for you.

7- Your friends will have the best time of their lives. 

Nothing is more fun than seeing your friends riding around Newark, NJ in a fun bus over beverages and great food. To top it off, your friends will most likely carry this memory with them for the rest of their lives – celebrating their dear friend’s birthday on a luxurious party bus with an extra touch of class.

8- It’s the most fun way to explore Newark and the rest of the New Jersey area.

Celebrating your birthday on a party bus will surely let you and your squad enjoy a variety of scenery in and around Newark; making the experience one that cannot be easily forgotten.

9- It is economical.

Throwing an intimate party in a party bus with at least 20 guests is without a doubt cheaper than having a grand reception party whose number of guests can range from 50 to 300 but it does not make it any less fun and unforgettable. In fact, a party bus is like a nightclub on wheels and you can literally have a party on wheels, making epic stops along the way.

10- You can choose your own party bus.

A good party bus company in Newark like Party Bus Newark has a lot of vehicles their customers can choose from. Your choices may vary depending on features and aesthetics but that is the good thing about it; with the right party bus rental company, you will the opportunity to choose which bus will work for your occasion.
Celebrate your birthday on a party bus where lots of fun memories await!