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Prom & Homecoming Party Buses

When it’s time for your student to attend their high school prom, there is already a ton of pressure on them to enjoy themselves. However, if they get stuck having to drive, there is even more tension during the evening. It doesn’t help matters when the popular kids all arrive in sporty limousines or classic cars, leaving your students feeling left out. And although you would love to hire one as well, it just isn’t worth the added expense.

Prom & Homecoming - Party Bus Newark
Instead, Party Bus Newark provides the best in affordable party bus rentals that suit any number of passengers you might have attending. Whether they’re looking for something more intimate for themselves and a few friends, or their entire homeroom class wants a ride, we guarantee the best transportation around for less.

See why more parents throughout the greater Newark, New Jersey, community turn to us for any school dance shuttle service that they need. They know our drivers remain the safe and reliable solution for any event that they have planned.

Prom Party Bus

Prom is about the closest thing to a serious relationship’s milestone as your student could have at their age. All the long-term couples see it as a practice run for what life might be like after high school, or they may use it as an excuse to feel like royalty for an evening.

Whatever their reason why they likely won’t be going to the dance alone. It’s common for friends, other couples, and even those going alone to group together to feel less awkward.

Before everyone winds up drawing straws to decide who will drive, we can keep more eager teens safe by handling it all. They’ll have plenty of room to sit in the back of their spacious party bus, and our experienced drivers know how to take them there and home again easily.

When you need to take the pressure off yourself and your students, we provide the best in shuttle services around. No matter where the dance is getting held or how many friends are going together, we can help you make the night it’s best.

Homecoming Party Buses

Whereas many prom celebrations can quickly get too stuffy to enjoy, the annual homecoming dance is often a much more fun time. Best of all, it’s simple to get a ton of friends together to enjoy the evening together.

Whether it’s your student’s last chance to attend, or it’s their very first homecoming celebration, our staff can ensure that they have a safe, fun time all evening long. No matter how many friends your teen wants to bring along, we have the best vehicle selection around to rent.

From 20 passengers, 30, or even 40 high schoolers in tow, our expert drivers can transport them all. And when you divide the cost amongst everyone, you see how affordable it remains.

Make sure your students end their spirit week on a high note by choosing Party Bus Newark. If you need pest control services, visit Powerful Pest Control