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Bachelor parties are said to be introduced by the Spartans in the 5th century BC.  The male friends and family of the groom-to-be organize a party before the wedding and they spent the whole night giving gifts and feasting with the groom. This tradition still continues up to now. 

Whether you are the best man or a friend of the groom-to-be, you still have different responsibilities to accomplish. First on the list is to plan a bachelor event for the groom. Most people in society often think that a bachelor party is associated with keg stands and party bus with pole & strippers, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Here are the things that you need to do when organizing a bachelor party:

Make sure of the seating capacity
Take note that party buses have different models and sizes. There are bus types which can accommodate for up to 15 people while others can contain 40 individuals. You need to ask the party bus rental company about the bus’ seating capacity. For a bachelor party, you need to acquire more space than the number of invited guests. When you are inviting 30 guests, you should hire a bus that can accommodate 40 persons. In this way, the guests will feel more comfortable inside the bus. 

Have a plan for the route 
This is another important factor to consider when organizing a bachelor party. You are obliged to inform the company about the details of the route during the whole ride. Most party buses doesn’t have bathrooms, so it is best to include comfort rooms at a café or landmarks in your route plan. 

Inform the party bus company about the event ahead of time
It is important to inform the bus company about the event in advance in order for them to arrange and decorate your party beforehand. Also, inform them about the number of guests and hours that you are planning to ride in a party bus. Take note that you should book for at least an hour longer than necessary for a great bachelor party. Give your guests sufficient time to get prepared to go back without the feeling of being rushed. At Party Bus Newark, we’re generally very flexible and can oftentimes accommodate extra driving time, free of charge.  

Have a checklist for everything 
Make a checklist for everything that you need for the event. This checklist can give you an assurance that all the things for the occasion are ready in order for them to experience one of a kind party experience inside the bus. 

Remember to tip
As the organizer of the party, you should ask the party bus service regarding the tip that you need to give to the bus driver. Normally, you need to pay for about ten to fifteen percent of the basic charge.   But there’s also companies which include the tip in the price which means that you don’t need to personally give a tip to the bus driver. Asking about this matter can actually help you to avoid inconvenience after the party. That said, Party Bus Newark includes tips, tolls, and gas in our quotes.  If you had a good experience with the drive and your driver, then it’s always an act of good karma to spiff your driver a little extra.

When celebrating another milestone, having a memorable event is a must. Hiring a party bus in Newark, NJ can be one of the most exciting ways to have a memorable party with the groom. Renting a party bus can also give you an assurance that your friends can have leisure space. Lastly, the best thing about a party bus is all of you can have a complete privacy while having fun inside the bus, while getting to destinations safely. Check out our Newark hood cleaning friends

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