Party Busses NYC | Taking Parties Into A Whole New Level

Parties have always been a common tradition for celebrating. Over the years, a wide variety of party styles have emerged in different cities and countries. A party bus is a recent, widely fancied option for big parties because it gives a unique twist to the typical party. 

Party Bus Amenities

The benefits of a party bus are not limited to the amenities that it can supply. Aside from the rather stylish way to travel around, it can also grant ensured safety to the people on board. Some buses are best used for nights out, but some are better used as airport shuttles or for wedding services. Party buses are very versatile and can cater to a wide array of events.

A party bus is basically a converted touring bus and, simply put, is like a nightclub on wheels that is suitable for people of all ages. Specified themes aside, these automobiles give off a luxurious style and are often adorned with leather sofas and fashionable upholstery. Among the variety of buses made available, the most common are the front-engine cab-chassis design and the rear-engine diesel-pusher.

A front-engine cab-chassis design is an oversized airport shuttle that comes with a limousine interior and may be the most popular version of a limo bus. It can accommodate around 20 to 30 people and is also known as a minibus.

A rear-engine diesel-pusher design is an excellent choice for a big party, giving it the label ‘club on wheels.’ It can fit up to 50 people, and it also comes with VIP rooms apart from the already spacious area to move around.

While there are different types and designs for these vehicles, the inside is another story. Most party busses automatically come with:

  • A large flat-screen television, usually 40 inches or bigger, and a DVD player.
  • A first-rate home entertainment system with surround sound and iPod hookups.
  • A video game system,  minibar, and leather couches.
  • A hardwood dance floor, complemented by disco lights and smoke machines.
  • And, of course, a karaoke machine.

Safety Measures

As with any party, this fun time is not without its potential dangers. Nonetheless, these can be prevented beforehand if safety measures are performed.

  • Check if the company is registered and insured before coordinating with them.
  • Perform an overall inspection of the vehicle; counting seatbelts and studying inspection stickers. Take note of the VIN to guarantee that it is the specific vehicle that was hired and paid for.
  • Keep track of the whole transaction in detailed writing.

The number of recorded vehicular accidents are higher than those of plane crashes. But while it may be assumed that it is safer to fly than drive, some functions are best held on land, and some in party buses. Still, accidents are unexpected and could happen to anyone, anytime. It is better to be safe and prepared beforehand than be sorry later. Visit our Photo Booth Rentals NJ

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